<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/15/31/73/52/19/180727074416.jpg?t=1550987093"><br>Another luxury rehab proudly presented by Deb Kent Gallery of Homes! This gorgeous cottage is an easy 10-min walk to Fountain Square's bustling Shelby St, 5-min walk to Eli Lilly (yes we timed it), and nestled in the cozy, popular Bates Hendricks neighborhood.Bathed in sunshine and packed with top-level, intelligent design choices, with 3-bed &amp; 2.5 bath, gorgeous floors &amp; stunning kitchen. Flexible too: We staged the front bedroom as a living room but you can make it a main level master--your choice.This house is designed with one goal in mind: love life. Beautiful kitchen to inspire your inner chef. Spacious back deck built for fun. Wine/coffee bar off kitchen. Great privacy fencing out back. This gorgeous home checks all the boxes. Enjoy.<br>